Our Programs

Hike for Help projects rely on community input and action from start to finish. Our motto, "Self Enabling Help" drives our project strategy. All projects ideas are generated by community members through small committees and local government officials. 


Teaching & Education

Hike for Help partners with schools along the Khumbu Valley of Nepal to assist in teaching a variety of subjects. Hike for Help works with the schools to make sure their studnents and teachers have the supplies and expertise thay need to succeed.

Economic Development

Hike for help works with the Dalit people of The khumbu Valley, a historically marginialized caste, to help them reach their economic goals.  Our Handicraft Workshop Project provides a location for members of the Dalit community to build handicrafts (metalwork) and sell their creations to tourists along the Everest Base Camp Trail.

Public Health & Sanitation

With the completion of the first Public Restroom in the Khumbu Valley, the development of clean drinking-water solutions, and significant contributions to local clinics, Hike for Help seeks to help Nepali communities improve the health of their people.


Hike for Help Trail Projects aim to restore and improve trail systems throughout the Khumbu Valley, providing porters and other community members with easier access to villages that rely on foot traffic for economic sustainment.